GABF Will Put Spotlight On African Digital Banking And Fintech At EURO FINANCE WEEK 2017

The Germany-Africa Business Forum will host a special half-day Africa session during the 20th gathering of the highly heralded EURO FINANCE WEEK, to be held November 13-17, 2017 in Frankfurt. Accompanied by Maleki Communications, organizer of EURO FINANCE WEEK, GABF will create a program on November 15 focused on the digital revolution in the banking industry. GABF will bring forward its large network of African government and banking and finance contacts to highlight the investment potential in Africa.

“We are delighted to be working with Maleki Communications on this initiative. EURO FINANCE WEEK is a world-class event and a tremendous platform to highlight the inherent opportunities for German companies on the African continent,” said Guillaume Doane, Executive Director of the Germany-Africa Business Forum. “Africa’s role in disrupting and digitalizing the banking industry is underestimated. There is a lot the world can learn from African examples.”

The half-day conference is a follow-up to GABF’s successful inaugural conference held in March in Berlin, which demonstrated Africa as a key incubator for digital banking and fintech. In the session titled “Digital Upheaval in Banking,” GABF will show how traditional African banks and young start-ups are cooperating to provide customers with better banking experiences.

EURO FINANCE WEEK is one of the biggest meeting points in the financial and banking industry in Europe, gathering more than 4,000 participants, 300 international speakers, and an extensive international media following through 25 specialized conferences. The EURO FINANCE WEEK´s specialized conferences provide a comprehensive overview of topics that are currently moving the industry. Integration and regulation of financial markets in Europe have become a major focus of the week’s opening conference. Conferences specialized in risk management, regulation, and digitalization, as well as asset management mirror, ’s the industry’s business spectrum. Furthermore, regional and country-specific summits have become integral to the annual event.

The Germany Africa Business Forum (GABF) draws together African business, political and societal leaders with Germany’s preeminent companies and policymakers in order to forge stronger trade and investment ties. GABF aims at bringing together shrewd entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, social influencers, CEOs, elected politicians, and non-governmental organizations to develop fresh commercial and social concepts that shape business, as well as economic thought and institutions.