Focused on fostering economic growth between Germany and Africa, the Germany Africa Business Forum will host a German Pavilion at African Energy Week in Cape Town, promoting green hydrogen, the energy transition, and natural gas monetization and development.

The Germany Africa Business Forum (GABF), a private sector organization committed to enhancing sustainable economic partnerships between Germany and Africa, will host a German Pavilion at African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town. Driving a strong investment narrative, the pavilion is dedicated to promoting Africa’s green hydrogen and natural gas potential to accelerate the continent’s energy transition and address growing regional energy demand.

Hosted by the GABF, the German pavilion will display the various initiatives undertaken by Germany in Africa’s energy sector, promoting further collaboration across multiple industries. With a keen focus on Africa’s green hydrogen potential, the pavilion will showcase a range of opportunities for international stakeholders, connecting African stakeholders with German partners. By promoting emerging green hydrogen markets in Namibia, Niger, South Africa and Mali, among others, – which have already garnered significant attention from German players – and emphasizing Germany’s role in sourcing competitive funding and boosting investment in the sector, the pavilion will be the driving force of Africa’s green hydrogen future.  

Already, there has been demonstrated interest by German actors in Africa’s green hydrogen market, with initiatives such as the H2Atlas-Africa project – a joint venture between the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and African partners in the sub-Saharan region including SADC and ECOWAS countries. Africa’s green hydrogen potential is rather significant. The utilization of wind and solar energy in West Africa could produce up to 165,000 terawatt hours of green hydrogen annually. With the aim of positioning Africa as a major exporter of green hydrogen, establishing a viably clean source of energy for Africa’s growing population, and accelerating infrastructure development across the continent, both the project and the pavilion will be critical for Africa’s green hydrogen future.

What’s more, the GABF remains committed to sustainable and green power solutions and will emphasize the role of a diversified energy mix in addressing Africa’s rising electricity demand at AEW 2021 in Cape Town. Germany’s extensive experience in these fields will be shared with African stakeholders at AEW 2021, with specific attention being granted to Liquified Natural Gas and Petrochemicals. By promoting both green hydrogen and natural gas as the ideal transitionary resources to a cleaner energy future, introducing the various opportunities for German stakeholders in Africa, and offering key insights into gas monetization and development practices, the pavilion will drive both sustainable investment and Africa’s energy transition.

Meanwhile, with a focus on discussing the diverse opportunities for sustainable implementation and investment, as well as promoting Germany-Africa partnerships, the GABF will utilize its pavilion to exchange knowledge and expertise for the local African energy market. By transferring skills, technological solutions, and ideas through to African stakeholders at AEW 2021, Germany will not only foster increased collaboration, but will drive Africa’s energy future.

“Africa is at the forefront of Germany’s economic development policy agenda. With our trade mission to the AEW 2021, we want to introduce the high potential of Africa’s energy sector, and to connect German investors with local companies and important African stakeholders,” stated Sebastian Wagner, Executive Chair of the GABF.

“Germany has valuable knowledge to share with Africa with regards to green hydrogen, natural gas, and technology. The German pavilion at AEW 2021 in Cape Town will be critical for Africa’s energy future, enhancing international partnerships, driving sustainable investment in Africa’s emerging green hydrogen economy, and positioning Africa as a competitive energy market. African stakeholders must take advantage of the opportunities and partnerships presented by Germany at their pavilion,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

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