Germany Africa Business Forum Leads A German Delegation To The Namibian Green Hydrogen Investment Forum In Paris.

Green hydrogen is considered one of the great hopes for the African energy sector in order to combat climate change, but also to meet the increasing demand for energy. With the “Potential Atlas Green Hydrogen in Africa”, the German government has already discovered the development potential of numerous African countries, such as Namibia, to produce hydrogen from green energy and make it available to the European market. Nevertheless, the growing global interest in hydrogen poses many challenges that require strategic and innovative solutions.   

To implement the Namibian Green Hydrogen Strategy, the Embassy of Namibia in Paris invites representatives of the public and private hydrogen sector to the Namibian Green Hydrogen Investment Forum on March 15 in Paris. The event serves as a transnational knowledge exchange and is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with stakeholders of the Namibian hydrogen market.    

The Germany Africa Business Forum (GABF) is therefore leading a German delegation to the Namibia Green Hydrogen Investment Forum to promote German technology and innovation in Namibia and to discuss synergies between Namibia and Germany. With its anchor in the private sector, the GABF is a think tank that strengthens German-African economic relations and promotes a dialogue between German and African companies, decision makers, investors and innovators.    

The Namibian Green Hydrogen Investment Forum offers an excellent opportunity to gain access to the Namibian market and to exchange ideas with important decision makers from the African hydrogen sector. Besides international governmental organizations, investors, suppliers and manufacturers will participate in the forum.     

If you are interested in being part of the German delegation, please contact Ms. Jessica Stang (