GABF has become signatory of the Equal by 30 campaign

The GABF has become a signatory of the Equal by 30 campaign, in which the private and public sectors commit themselves to promote equal pay, equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector by 2030. The Equal by 30 campaign is a joint initiative of the Clean Energy, Education and Empowerment Initiative (C3E), which is committed to promoting women’s participation to clean energy and closing the gender gab, and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

To promote the goals of Equal by 30, GABF is committed to the following objectives:

  • We believe in providing a safe, transparent, respectful and inclusive work environment and attractive development  opportunities for all our employees.  
  • We are committed to attracting women to all our departments.  
  • We aim to have approximately 50% female representation at all levels, including management team and board level, by 2030.  
  • We are committed to fair compensation and equal pay for work of  equal value.
  • We are committed to offering career opportunities.  
  • We are committed to focusing our work and efforts on the role of  women as the driving force behind the economy and value creation in the energy industry and on the African continent.  
  • We are committed to sharing best practices with our clients and  partners to implement and develop a strong inclusive agenda that will faciliate the participation of women in the energy industry across  Africa.  

As an interface between Germany and the African continent, one of our most important goals is to give female entrepreneurs a voice and thus  promote women to participate in the German-African dialogue.

 “Despite the rapidly growing number of working women in the last  decades, there is still a big gab. There are still many industries where women are severely under represented, espcially at the management level.”, said Jessica Stang, Community Manager of GABF.  “It is therefore extremly to have women in leadership positions. They serve as important role models for young women and pave the way for successfull carriers. Especially in strongly male-dominated industries, such as the energy sector, it is of great importance that female managers are equally  represented in order to promote a more diverse portfolio of up and coming talents,” says Stang.   

144 signatories, including 118 organisations, 13 partners and 13 governments support this project. Equal by 30 is managed and based by Natural Resources Canada, a department of the Canadian government.