What is GABF?

Through a series of events, the Germany-Africa Business Forum (GABF) draws together African business, political and societal leaders with Germany’s preeminent companies and policymakers in order to forge stronger trade and investment ties. GABF aims at bringing together shrewd entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders and social influencers, CEO’s and selected politicians and non-governmental organizations to develop fresh commercial and social concepts that shape business, as well as economic thought and institutions.

Why Attend?

• First of its kind: The Germany-Africa Business Forum is the first privately held event series exclusively dedicated to strengthening trade and investment ties between Germany and the African continent.


• Enabling investment: GABF has hand-selected an elite assemblage of like-minded political and business figures on both sides of the investment equation. We connect the right people within an intimate environment with careful consideration to investment profile and macrotrends.


• Results-oriented: GABF is a benchmark for high-level discussion, giving every participant as much context and opportunity for long-term engagement. We ensure the impact of our efforts, with each gathering delivering clear outcomes and action points.

The Opportunity

The African consumer landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, driven by growing populations, advances in technology and rising income. Plus, Africa’s urbanization is more rapid than anywhere in the world, creating huge opportunities for housing, transportation, water and power.


GABF: The Meeting Place for German-African Trade & Investment

Anchored in the private sector, the GABF brings together Africa’s foremost executives with German companies, policymakers, investors and innovators with the aim of driving change. Germany sometimes overlooks the enormous economic potential of the African continent, as well as cultural and social similarities. GABF seeks to “bridge the gap” by facilitating dialogue, business dealings and dynamic commercial and political interchange.



Sebastian Wagner, Partner Germany